Jai Shankar Seeds has been established with the prime objective of conducting Research & Development of superior high yielding hybrid/OPVs seeds of crops thatswhy our company has its on in-house R&D Unit which is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Technology, Government of India.Our company has a clear goal for developing outstanding hybrids that would ‘Satisfy the Farmers throughout the country’ and supply ‘Seeds for a better future’.Research as understood in general parlance is done in labs but typically in seed industry, research is mostly undertaken in fields.Our company has significant area for R&D which is located at SriGanganagar (Rajasthan). Our team is dedicated to develop products for fellow farmers with an aim to provide sustainable high yield and reduction in operating expenses which helps in maximizing the profit for the farmers.

The company has extended its cropped area and diversified crops by adding newer ones for agri-seed business. Furthermore, the company has successfully launched several new hybrids/OPVs in various crops like bajra, non bt cotton, wheat, barley, moong, mustard and many more. We are continuously expanding our product range for both-hybrids and OPVs.We believe that to meet agricultural productivity challenges, public and private sectors must work together to increase crop yields, and to achieve that we have collaboration with CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar and Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi for Wheat Seed and planning to involve ourselfes with as many public and private sectors as possible to obtain breeding material for our breeding programmes.

Our main Objectives of R&D unit are :

  • • To Develop hybrids and inbred varieties that yield more than any comparable variety.
  • • To Develop products that are diseases resistant and insects tolerent and to Develop products that are tolerent to abiotic stresses of water scarcity, salinity and unusual temperatures.
  • • To Develop products that are nutritious & healthy keeping in mind the preferences of end consumers.
  • • To Implement and invent technologies that are crop and environment friendly.
  • To maintenance Breeding, Breeder Seed Production and Supply.
  • To invest heavily in R&D to augment research facilities, green house development, and mechanization of farm operations.

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