Jai Shankar Seeds has built up considerable capacity, manpower and resources to produce the required quanlity and quantity of seeds. The company has a wide network of seed producers in all the agro climatic zones of India having hundreds of loyal farmers. We maintain a symbiotic relationship with our farmers, by helping them produce high-yielding seeds as seed growers. We supervises the seed production in great detail by providing up-to-date crop management materials. Our growth is well supported by our production department by producing seeds for a wide range of hybrid crops and field crops.

We firmly believes that quality and service are the foundations for building long lasting relationships with customers, and strives to adhere to this commitment at all time. We are committed towards them to smooth supply of quality seeds, timely communication and field inspections which help to monitor quality and give technical support to farmers helping them maximize their production and minimize their cost. Therefore, farmers across the country have shown a tremendous trust in all seed varieties developed by us. Our seeds are produced as a Custom Seed Production from Pre-defined farmers; under the supervision of our Breeders and Seed Technologists. Our dedicated production staff monitors fields at critical crop stages in order to help the growers get better yield and maintain seed quality as per defined norms.A meticulous planning and good co-ordination between the Registered Growers and our Management have set a system in such a manner that the high quality seed production has become possible.

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