Jai Shankar Seeds (P) Ltd. is a fastest growing seed company for processing good quality seed of different crops. Seed processing comprises all steps necessary for preparation of harvested seed for marketing. On the construction of our ultra-modern and innovative infrastructural facility, we have spent a huge amount of capital. We have properly integrated our infrastructural facility into different departments such as designing department, production department, quality management department, warehousing & packaging department, etc.

Our processing section is well-equipped with ultra-modern machinery and equipment for undertaking the bulk and urgent orders of our precious clients. The high capacity processing units are equipped with latest technologies like high quality seed cleaning, destoner and sorting machines, Indent Cylinders, Gravity separators for various crops, Needle separators for Cotton Seed, Cotton Acid delinting machines, Automatic sealing machine for various crops and many more are utilized during processing to ensure clean, uniform seeds.Quality maintenance is monitored during processing, packing, storage and transportation. The processing personnel are well trained to produce consistent quality since each lot is from a different seed production farmer.The processing unit is constantly upgrading and the process is continuously monitored through an unique process control system.

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